Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Wondering if anyone would be interested in dhaulgari trek and possibly thapa peak. Leaving roughly 20-25 november.
I am a 34 yr old aussie guy travelling for a year and can get along with nearly everyone. Trekked nepal last november and loved makalu base camp.
Cheers nixon



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  1. Hello Alex, Namaste and Welcome to Nepal
    My Name is Gam Bahadur Rai < I am a profetional Trekking Guide and it's good know that you are planing to hit the Mt. Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek in late November . I am being guide I most have to say that it's already cold season to cross over French and Thapa Pass over 5000m so need a good warm clothes and good trekking shoes as well as own tent and food should be taken for at least 3/4 nights the rest you can stay in tea house or in Ldge after and before the pass
    if you have any quistion, please feel free to contact me via e-mail :raigambahadur@yahoo.com or cellphone 9812145572 (from Kathmandu)

  2. hi Alex .
    Dhaulagiri was my plan of 2013 , but due no partner for this trek I did Khopra Ridge . I will arrive in KTM on 27th of November , so if you no bother about 2-3 days later , we can do this trail . Remember that Hidden Valley is a big challenge to go alone there.

  3. Hey man I’m heading to dhauligiri on 20th nov. Already got a guide sorted, it would be 370ish usd with 3 of us including ice axe and rope for emergencies. Whatsapp me on +447732511629

  4. Sounds good , I will be a week later and going with porter to Makalu Base Camp on 28th , we can be in touch for next hike , I was thinking about Mera Peak on 2018. all the best for you and happy trek . Tom +353877832673

  5. Hi Tomasz, unfortunately I leave Nepal on the 13th December so 28th is too late I think. Happy trekking.


Duration 15 days
Budget$25 per person