Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Hey! I am looking to do an adventure, the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek, a challenging trek that circles the seventh highest mountain in the world, Dhaulagiri, and goes over a 5,400m mountain pass. Despite being named the best trek in the world (!) by Adventure Travel Magazine (http://www.themountaincompany.co.uk/assets/Adventure-Travel-FULL_1585_2.pdf), you are able to hike in solitude, since it is harder than most popular treks (Annapurna Circuit, Everest Base Camp) and requires camping.

If you are not familiar with the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek, here are the basics: it starts at 870m and goes over a 5,400m mountain pass, 180km, ~17 days (incl. acclimatization), glacier travel, but no technical climbing. There’s an option to do Dhampus Peak (6,060m) as part of the trek. More info:

There are tour companies offering organized treks. With them, you are together with twelve other clients, and 40-50 porters, guides, cooks and other staff. That’s a huge group, and I have something else in mind. I wish to do this as independent as possibly, with one or two trekking partners, hiring perhaps only a guide for safety and maybe one porter to share some of the loads.

If you are interested, please drop me a note! I am 25 years old and from Germany.

(Before doing the Dhaulagiri Circuit, I will probably do an unguided teahouse trek, e.g. EBC. I’m open to partnering up on that, too)



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  1. i might be interested. but i would like to do it in 10-14 days without porters. what do you think?

    • 10-14 days sounds pretty ambitious! The commercial tour companies do it in 16 or 17 days. Then again, I assume that’s with a moderate walking pace (in a big group, you have to walk the pace of the slowest person), so it’s probably realistic to do it a bit quicker than that.
      Also, one has to take acclimatization into account. One should not go up too fast, even if one is physically able to, because of the risk of getting AMS (or worse, HAPE or HACE)

      Have you done any treks like this before?

  2. Hello Tobias,
    I would be interested in joining you… I am a travel and outdoor photographer and have done many treks in Nepal, but never the Dhaulagiri…(my website is http://www.tuinpics.de)… doing ebc beforehand sounds good to me, too… let s talk more about it… we can chat on skype, I am tuin94115 there

  3. Hey Tobias,
    I’m also interested in doing a remote trek. I’m 18, but did a three week trek in zanskar valley 2 years ago reaching 5500m.
    Would be nice to mAybe meet and talk about it ? I’m in kathmandu at the moment.

  4. Hi all, I am interested to join you for Dhaulaghiri circuit….I am traveling to Nepal from 24th March till 22th April…please let me know if would be possible to join you…I am experienced trekker. I have done a lot of tracks in New Zealand. I also climbed Mt. Tahjumulco in Guatemala…etc….please, find me on Skype and we can talk about it: zdarik1

  5. Forgot to put my Skype, safia.g.h add me

  6. Hey everyone! Great to see such a positive response :). I am going on a trek today and will be back by March 24, in Pokhara.

    • Hey guyz …
      i wanted to do the same
      i will be in ktm on 21 march will be there till 15th april

  7. Hey! If it’s around April 5/6 I would be keen. Have just walked from simikot to beni and wanted to add this one on too! I’ll be around Annapurna until early April.

  8. Hey everyone I’m planning for same. I’m in kathmandu would be reaching pokhara on 25.

  9. Hi! I am back in Pokhara. If you’re also here, drop me a note so that we can meet up.
    I’ve been asking around, and it seems to me like this trek has significant logistical challenges, such that I’d like to go with an organized group trek after all. I think such a trip has a higher chance of success, and is a lot safer.

  10. no logistical challenges… I was trekking to Makalu Base camp last year with a 55 year old Frenchman… and he had done the Dhaulagiri Circuit with his wife a few months before….

  11. but if you still think it s too much.. ok.. but please don t post treks here if you don t intend to do them….find out beforehand if you are up to it!


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