Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Hi there,
I am planning on doing the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek in April. Since it is a quite remote area where you have to sleep in a tent for a few nights I would go with a guide and porter. I found an agency that can organise a 21-day trek starting from Pokhara. I would also do it alone but having some company would be great. 🙂 Most of the time we will stay in simple teahouses except for 4 nights (after Italian Base Camp) where we would have to sleep in tents.
I am looking for easy going trekking partners with experience in high altitudes who like to trek off the beaten paths, who enjoy the beauty of nature without rushing, who don’t need luxury but enjoy the simplicity of small teahouses and sleeping in tents, who don’t mind having Dhal Bat together with the locals, ..
This is my 5th time in Nepal, I’ve done a number of treks in high altitude already, also in remote areas. I like to take my time during trekking to stop for photos or just to enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

Interested? Send me a message. I’m looking forward to hear from you.




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  1. Hey Stef, I am very interested. I send you a private message. Cheers Larissa


Duration 21 days
Budget$1400 per person