Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek


I’m looking at doing the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek in October or November, I’m flexible with the date. I’m looking for partners and possibly a guide. I’ve been to Nepal 8 times before so experienced on most of the areas.

South Africa


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  1. I have interested to go Dhaulagiri circuit too

  2. Hey stirling. Ive hiked a bunch in the himalaya but not there yet. I could go in mid november. I have a guide who i go with everytime. I like him alot and hes been there. He says its cold, haha. Anyway i was also jist looking at hiking in south africa and he sent me this link to you. Still not sure what im doing but i do really want to go to dhalaghuri. I was also thinking about dolpo region. Let me know if mid november is good or maybe its too cold then. Not sure. Ill look into it. Cheers, j.c.

    • Hi J.C

      I arrive in Nepal on the 3rd Nov, I have not made any plans yet. Mid November could work if I did something before the time.
      Dhalaghuri would be super cool as this will be my 9th Trip to Nepal so I have done all the other treks some of them a few times. Maybe e mail me on stirling.slingerland at trustees.co.nz. What are your thought?


  3. Hi Stirling & JC,

    I am insterested go to Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek and have been to Nepal 4 times to treking most places (include: ACT,EBC+Gokyo,Langtang+Gosaikunda,Kanchenjunga Circuit,Makalu BC,ABC,Upper Mustang,Manaslu Circuit+Tsum Valley,Mardil Himal BC+Muldhai).

  4. Hi Chris, When do you arrive in Nepal? as I still don’t have a plan yet but would love to do Dhaulagiri circuit

    • I need after 27-Oct.

  5. hi stirling

    are you whether still plan go to dhaulagiri?

  6. Hi Chris, No I get get people with similar dates. Are you going?

    • Yes,I want to go but need after 29-Oct.


Duration 20 days
Budget$1500 per person