December 2013 EBC and Gokyo – Join Our Team!

Hey all,

After my previous post on trekking partners, we have now established a great friendly team of 5 x people in a group to conquer EBC and Gokyo Lakes. Looking for maybe 1 or 2 more to complete the dream team!

Arriving to Kathmandu at start of December 2nd, and looking to take flight to Lukla on 4th or 5th and take it easy to acclimatise well to EBC. We are also very keen to integrate Gokyo lakes section as it is said to be stunning and unmissable. From my research it seems 18 days is best for all of this including accomm in KTM, but we are flexible with dates or times. Would prefer to finish 20th or 21st Dec.

We have researched countless companies and come up with a great shortlist. We prefer a guide and porters so that the trip is safe and also like to learn from local perspective. Have found some good tours for a private itinerary at very good value. Private allows us to be flexible and manage trek at our own pace, but we would also like to share this lifetime experience with some fun people too!

Would also prefer to avoid Western tour operators so that money stays in local economy without a middleman (plus avoid having a large group of 10 plus)!

As for the team, we have
Brit, Male, 29 years old, tour guide and former journalist
Aussie, Female, 22 years, student teacher
Aussie, Female, 22 years, student and Nepali originally
French-Canadian, Female, 23 years, travelling in region
Expat Brit/Indian/Canadia, Male, 23 years, travelling in region
/ beginner to intermediate trekking experience.

Friendly and passionate bunch for this trek, so if you want some company on the trail then please get in touch and we can all get a good price, and have some company and friendship to share the experience with! We are ideally looking to make this a team of 6, especially a male to make it 3 of each, but open to others to come in as well, just not too much more!

My email is to hear from you asap!

Would be great to hear from all ages, races, nationalities. Look forward to hearing from fellow travellers!

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  1. Hi Guys,

    i am doing EBC + Gokyo lake starting from 7th/8th December as i am gonna land in Kathmandu on 6th Dec and would love to join you as i am gonna do this on my own to explore the place as much as i can let me know if your dates matches to my schedule.
    I am a mountain lover and a musician by profession coming from Mumbai and been to Nepal before on adventure trips.