Cycling from Leh to Pangong

We are thinking of cycling from Leh to Pangong around the first week of September.We are new to this, but will try to give a shot.
It will take around 3-4 days to cycle this route one way.

If we find it too tiring, we would coming back by car/bus.

Presently, in our group are only two people.(both males aged:25)

Let us know if any body is interested.

And we request experienced people to give us tips on how to prepare for this kind of stuff.

In summary;

Trip: Cycling from from Leh to Pangong

Tentative Dates: First Week of September (flexible to an extent)

Present Group: 2 males aged 25 who might be reasonably on the unfit side. (no sarcasm intended)

Languages : English, Hindi.

Looking For: a) at least one enthusiastic person.
b) tips from experienced people.

Please feel free to ask if any doubts.

Abhinav Sharma



3 replies
  1. Hello Abhinav,

    this sounds like a good plan.

    I would like to join you on this trip. Email me your tentative plan for the overall trip.

  2. Also, Let me know about trip details as soon as possible. Accordingly I will book my flight tickets to Delhi.

  3. If you can shift your trip to start from Sept. 2… then I can reach Delhi on 06:00AM morning. So, I would like to advice you to shift the beginning date of this journey by One day.. then I will be able to join you.

    Let me know your preference.