Cross-Borneo trekking companion(s) wanted!

Hello everyone!

I (32, Dutch male, in decent condition) am off to Indonesia soon and would like to do some hiking while there. There is this interesting route in Kalimantan that’s intriguing me, and that I’d like to do, which is the cross-borneo trek. And I’m hoping to find some trekking companions!

What: Starting in Balikpapan, it’s about 7 days up the river Mahakam into the jungle by boat, then about 7 days hiking through the jungle and across the Muller mountain range, and 3 days to travel by boat to (eventually) Pontianak.

When: I could start between mid-March and mid-April 2015.

Send me an email if you’re interested or if you have a group – doing this or another jungle trek in Indonesia – looking for another participant!
Hoping to hear from you soon! Best regards,


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  1. Hello Ruud, I am from Singapore and have a few days off from 14-17March 2014. Would you be interested in looking for person or people to join you in sections of your hike / travel journey cross Borneo? If so, would these dates suit you and where likely would you be? I have hiked Mt Kinabalu many yrs bfr and would like to re-visit this region 🙂 Hope to hear from you. Best regards, Cheryl

  2. Ruud- I’m going to be in Indonesia during that timeframe (arriving at the beginning of March, staying for a month or so). I’m very interested in a cross-Borneo trek. I’m 28 and in good condition. I’m flexible about start dates. Let me know if you think it could work out!

    • Hey guys! I’m terrifble sorry for not replying earlier – the notifications had landed in my spam and I just coincidentally saw them! I added trekkingpartners to my contacts so it shouldn’t happen again

      @Evan, that sounds good! Here is a copy of the lonely planet page, that has a description and includes indicative prices: It’s pretty pricy, but i think it’ll be worth it! Also it might be possible to organise this a bit more ‘on the fly’ once there, but it’s of course a bit of a risk. What do you think?

      @Cheryl, thank you for your message! I’d love it if you could come along for a few days, but it’s a bit difficult I think, as the trekking starts after a week upstream by boat… if I do happen to pass by the region you mentioned (Mt Kinabalu) I’ll definitely let you know though!

  3. Ruud- I’m more of a fan of planning on the fly closer to the date of departure. Obviously, there are some stretches where we would need a guide, but I’d like to try to minimize that. Let me do a little research over the next few days and try to come up with a rough itinerary, and we’ll see if it’s something we both like.

    • I too would like to minimise the guided part, which is the part starting at Tiong Ohang for the trekking-through-the-jungle stretch. I’m just a bit uncertain if we’ll be able to find a good guide and porters on the spot — I get the feeling this stretch is not ‘common’, which is part of its appeal, but which also means there will be few people dedicated to being guides. Let me know what you find!

      When are you arriving exactly? I’m planning with flying to balikpapan by the end of next week, would that work for you? We could also meet there, of course, but it’d be good to go for a beer or so before to discuss plans 🙂

      I’ll send you my email address if I find a way to message you privately