Cordillera Blanca, Peru


I’m a 24yo graduate student at Cornell. I’m planning to do a traverse of the entire Cordillera Blanca range in mid-May to mid-June 2017. The trip will be about 200-250 miles. This will be a “high route” style trip, meaning that a significant portion of the route will be alpine style, rugged, off-trail travel. There will be a number of high, off-trail passes, some over 17,000 ft, involving an ice axe and crampons. As such, I need an experienced partner. Because the emphasis is on lightweight thru-hiking and not on peak-bagging, this trip won’t involve any technical climbing (i.e, can’t carry all the weight of full-on ropes, helmets, harnesses, etc). However, there will be the chance to ascend some lovely non-technical class 3 peaks (such as Ishinca Peak). As far as I can tell, only one other person, Cam Honan, has completed a traverse of the entire range. His trip is documented here ( and provides some good inspiration.

About the Cordillera Blanca: a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. The Santa Cruz area here was voted a one of Nat Geo’s best treks in the world. It is also the world’s highest tropical mountain range–as such it features a whopping 722 glaciers! Plus, it features Peru’s tallest peak, Huascaran (22,205), and 11 other peaks that are over 20,000 ft.

Budget: It costs only about $550 for a round-trip to Lima. From Lima, you can catch a $13 bus ride to Huaraz, the gateway to the Cordillera Blanca.

Please feel free to reply here, or shoot me an email ( if you’re interested! Also, if you want to see some of the past high routes I’ve done, such as the Sierra High Route or Wind River High Route, feel free to check out my website:



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