Peru – Cordillera Blanca / Huayhuash

Hi there,

I am going to do some trekking in the Cordillera Blanca / Cordillera Huayhuash in October. My plan is to go to Huaraz and find other trekking partners there. Depending on how large the group is and what tour we want to do, we can then find a guide. Generally I am really flexible! I think all tours in the Cordillera Blanca are worth it.

I grew up in the Alps, so I have some experience with hiking. The Santa Cruz trek, for example, seems to be possible without a guide. But for longer treks, I would hire a guide.

The general plan would be to go to Huaraz as early in October as possible, because mid October is the start of the rainy season.

Join me for an adventurous experience. Together its cheaper and more fun!



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  1. Hi

    Would you be interested in going around 20th ish September?

  2. Hi Kilian,

    I just joined this site so still trying to figure out how it works 🙂

    I’m planning on going to Arequipa and do an El Misti trek for 2 days at the end of September/beginning of October (most likely October 1st – 2nd).

    I’m travelling on my own but the trek needs 2 people to start. Would you like to partner up? I’ve also messaged Faye above.

    Let me know!


    • Hey Cary,

      I will also do El Misti, but probably rather later in October as the weather is getting worse every day in Huaraz, but stays great in Arequipa.

      Have fun on the volcano!

  3. Hi Kilian, i’m on the site because i’m going to Nepal next month but I was in Peru hiking two months ago the Santa Cruz trek. I also think you can do it without a guide, the path is pretty clear and easy to follow with a good map. I did choose to go with an agency since i was alone and went with Eco Ice Peru. It was 240$ all included (meal, tent, guide etc.) and everything was so amazing. The guy who owns the agency even invited us at the end of the trek to his mother’s house for a Peruvian meal. It was a really great experience.

    Anyway, i thought i’d share 🙂



    • Hi Jude,

      thanks so much for sharing, good to know that it’s possible without a guide. I will definitely go to Eco Ice Peru to get a guide for more difficult tracks though!

      Have a great time in Nepal


  4. Hi Killian!
    I’m arriving in Huaraz on the morning of Oct 7th.
    Probably will need some days for acclimatization spending them around the town or going for dayhikes. I plan to start from the Blanca as a first multi days trek, not too strenuous one, and the Santa Cruz seems to me like a good option. As an ideal, I prefer to hike independently, or with minumal involvment of the agencies. Are you really going to the area for only 7 days? Probably too short to hike the Huayhuash, isn’t it?

    • Hi Alex,

      that sounds pretty similar to my plan. I will also arrive in Huaraz around the 7th, then some days of acclimatisation and then Santa Cruz. I am also trying to do as much without guides as possible, as I carry the whole camping equipment with me anyways. Let’s meet up in Huaraz! I will message you my contact details.

      I set the trek duration quite arbitrarily. I will definitely stay longer than 7 days in Huaraz, probably more like 2 weeks.

  5. Hello
    I’ve just got back from the Huayhuash trek over 8 days and it was great.

    I’m looking for people to join me on the Santa Cruz trek starting 6th October.

    Also, I would like to so we misti on 26/27th October but I need a second person if someone wants to join me.

    I’m in Huaraz currently.

    • Hey I just came back from huyuash trek also, and also want to go to Santa Cruz trek in the next days

    • Hi Faye,
      I am also planning to trek the Huayhuash for 8 days in mid September 2017. Can I ask which (if any) agency you trekked?