Condoriri Trekking to Huayna Potosi in Cordillera Real!

Hi all!

Not sure how much activity here is dedicated to trekking in South America, but I’m looking to do a Condoriri trek near La Paz Bolivia in the Cordillera Real in the next couple of weeks – my dates aren’t fixed at the moment but I would most likely be looking at soon, the week starting 21st October, as I need to sort some things with my current visa / other plans.

Also undecided as to whether doing this independently would be an option for me, I would need to rent equipment and hence would only be an option if there was someone else interested… otherwise, hiring a guide / arrerio is the most likely option.

The trek I’m looking at doing would probably be the most common route (also detailed in LP), from Tuni to Huayna Potosi base camp, and I’m also interested in then doing the ascent (which would have to be guided). The trek should be about 3 days (no more than 4), and if also interested in the ascent, another 2 or 3 days I believe. This link has more information on the route and landscape:

In any case if anyone is around in La Paz at the moment and wants to meet up for a chat or possible interest in trekking the beautiful Cordillera Real, let me know! Hope to hear from you soon 🙂



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  1. Moderator

    Hi Jacqueline… great to see your trip here. You’re right that most posts are for Nepal but we’re hoping to connect travellers in all parts of the globe. I’ll do what I can do help spread the word 🙂

  2. Wow, a human response from the system! I’m honoured 😉 and thanks! I do love Nepal to bits which first got me on the site, but just in another part of the world at the moment obviously and would love to see trekkingpartners grow more for this area since it’s such a great concept. Cheers 🙂

  3. Moderator

    Hopefully it never feels like a system… I don’t like that feeling either. Yeah, Nepal is a pretty amazing place. I haven’t spent as much time in South America besides a trek in Peru a few years ago, but i’d love to go back (and to see TrekkingPartners grow there 🙂 ) I just remember how steep the mountains were there.

    I hope you find someone for your trip. Again, I’ll do what I can to help get the word out.