Climbing Mt. Fuji Partner Most Wanted

Hello guys, my name is Denty from Indonesia. I am looking for partners to climb Fuji together since I have no partner yet till now.

My plan is climbing Fuji on August 16th – 17th. By chance, August 17th is my country independence day, so I imagine my self climbing Mt. Fuji then fly a flag when the sunrise is coming up there. 😀 😀

I will take a bus from Shinjuku Highways Bus Terminal at 08.40 (August 16th) to Mt. Fuji 5th station. After have lunch, do some sightseeing, do the last preparation and take a rest for moment, I will start to climb Fuji At 14.00.

Are you excited to join? I am sure it gonna be a great experience for us. 🙂

Take care, looking forward for your response.

Best, Denty.



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