Heading to Chile/Argentina in very late sep / early October chiefly for Patagonia.

I plan on doing the O circuit at Torres del Paine and then hire a car near here (somewhere between 10 – 20 Oct) and do lots of hikes traveling in a northern direction towards Santiago (Chile). The car hire is a bit strange as you have to get some kind of permission and special insurance from car rental countries to cross the boarders of Argentina and Chile.

During the trip, I will either be hiking or traveling to hikes (Patagonia is a big place) because I want to make the most of my time and who knows if I’ll ever be back!

The duration of car hire would be about 45-50 days. I would also be camping every night.

I’m looking for someone to share the cost (car and petrol costs shared evenly) and also just seeing what’s out there. Nothing is certain at this moment.

Who knows what I’d get done but this is a list of hikes I’m interested in (I have mapped out their duration etc and am well planned):

Nothern Patagonia
Cerro Castillo Trek
Refugio Frey
ventisquero amarillo trail
garganta del diablo
mirador ventisquero colgante
Furioso Trail
Southern Patagonia
Rio Mosco Glacier Trail
Glacier Tigre Trek
O’higgins glacier hike (or do a bigger el chalten walk
laguna esmeralda
Glacier Vinciguerra
sierra valdivieso circuit
Perito Moreno (ice hike)
Other hikes in Patagonia:
Dientes Circuit
O Circuit (Torres Del Paine) also do Puma Circuit
Cerro Fitzroy (around Fitzroy)
Puyehue Traverse
Huemel Circuit (difficiult require harness)

This is a great website for more info on hikes:

Here is a break down of some rough costs
Car hire = 45 * 45 = 2000 Aus Dollars
Petrol = 1350 Aus dollars (if 30 aus dollars a day is spent, rough guess)




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  1. By the way, I am a 31 year old High School Teacher. I like to walk.

  2. Getting a car that goes across countries is very complicated. Let me know if you have any ideas.