Canoe the Pekans / Moisie river

The Moise River has a reputation among wilderness paddlers as one of the most beautiful rivers in eastern North America and is often referred to as the “Nahanni of the East”. The Moise is a beautiful and powerful river that demands the respect those who paddle it.

General Information:
This trip is for confident intermediate and advanced paddlers who are capable of navigating steep portages and have the spirit to do it for over two weeks. At least one “get to know each other” weekend on the Gatineau and / or Petawawa will be required.

We will rendezvous in Labrador City on Friday, August 30th, spend the night, and be shuttled to the Pékans the next morning. We will begin our journey at the junction of highway 389 and the Pékans River and will paddle, line and portage 373 km over the next 15 days. I expect to finish in Sept-Îles on Saturday, September 14th.

Drive to Labrador City and have the cars shipped back to Sept-Îles by train where they will be safely stored in the rail yard until our arrival. We will rendezvous as planned and the following morning be dropped at the Pékans. The cars will be loaded onto the next train south. This option takes about as long as driving up from Baie Comeau and is cheaper than the train.

Costs: I am estimating the costs, excluding food and incidentals at $1000.



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