Canada, South Nahanni

I have always dreamed of going to Canada, the middle of nowhere, away from roads and civilisation. However, trekking would mean carrying all your stuff on your back which can be a pain, especially when you want to take food for several weeks. So canoeing seems ideal.

The plan is to set off from Moose Ponds, and take a good 6-8 weeks to make the trip down to Nahanni Butte or even Fort Simpson via Liaird. In 1-2 canoes, with I would say a maximum of 2-4 people, enough to be safe, but small enough to be flexible and spontaneous. There should be time to stop where we want, hike into back country, hone bushcraft skills and enjoy the surrounding nature.

August/September seems an ideal time, when water levels are not as high any more, and the mozzies are slow starting to become less. Being in full time employment, I have had to plan quite far ahead, to save up for the trip and be able to take enough time off.

No Trump supporters or Brexiters please, but it would be great to find a like-minded individual to join me on this trip.



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  1. sounds like a really cool trip…

  2. Hello Ulf,

    Sounds like a fantastic trip – I wish I had enough time off to participate. I am currently reading a book about R. M. Patterson’s solo canoeing adventures through that country way back in 1927. The book is called The Dangerous River by R. M. Patterson. You should give it a read. If you can’t find a copy, let me know and I can mail you mine when I am done.