Canada Arctic-Baffin Highest Peak(Mt. Odin), not very technical route and, possibly, Mt. Asgard Basecamp- Aug 4 to 18, 2017

In addition to backpack a wonderful valley for 2 days with a few river crossings and rough terrain in the shadow of jagged peaks and big walls such as the highest uninterrupted cliff in the word (Mt Thor), the trip has the key objective to climb the highest Baffin’s peak (Mt. Odin which is 7000 feet / 2150 m) over a few days. Of course, someone could go further up the valley and hike on dry glaciers for days around Asgard base camp.

I been there twice so far and my research is all done and I could coordinate many aspects. At that time, the average temperature ranges between 4 and 10C or 39 and 50F in the valley. This is an arctic trip that is reasonably affordable, safe and logistically manageable as you can get there with scheduled flights, which I can get 50% discount on the flight, and the Park maintains emergency shelters approximately every 10 kilometers where communications with the outside world is possible twice a day to call for help and to get weather forecasts. There are even a few food and gear caches if something really bad happen. If you want to do some research, you can start at with the Visitor Information Package.

Regarding the Odin climb, it should involve mostly four class scrambling and a short alpine climb on the summit but we should be prepared with gears. On Asgard basecamp, the itinerary is on a dry glacier where crevasses can be easily spotted (I went there last year).

If you are interested, the next steps would be to contact me with some basic background information such as age, weight, height, description of your relevant experience for this trip (backpacking or other similar trip), gears and equipment and whether the cost of the airfare is an issue.

Sorry for been so last minute but I was scheduled for another trip on Baffin and my partner just canceled for critical family issues. If you can’t this year and would like to do it next year, August 2018, let me know as my fallback is to go next year and, if not, I would be happy to give you my intelligence.


Stephen from Ottawa, Canada

p.s. Vous pouvez m’écrire en Français



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  1. You can see another option on the same dates for another place on Baffin island but without climbing

  2. I found this post as I was searching for information on climbing Mt. Odin. I unfortunately don’t think I can do it this year, but I will be very curious as to your experiences as I hope to do it in 2019 or 2020! Best of luck and please do post about your trip.

  3. This trip went ahead but the climb of Odin was not successful (we turned around half way up). With the glacier used for the approach retreating recently (i.e., the one north-east of Odin just across from Thor), the normal route used from 1953 to 1980s does not seem to be “not-so-technical” anymore.