California / Oregon / Washington, USA / British Columbia, Canada

Hello – I’m a 22 years old woman, living in Denmark.
Like most people, I have a bucket list, and one of the things i would love to explore, are the Pacific Crest Trail.
I don’t really have international travel experience with backpacking or hiking in other countries, besides Denmark and Sweden. So I’m looking for a person or a group, who are in the same situation like myself, and would just love to explore the big world in a simple, difference and a bit dangerous way.

My saying has always been “Go big or go home”, but i’m hoping to strart small and go big at the PCT.

Message me if you have the same crazy dreams like myself, and want to be apart of fulfilling both mine and hopefully your bucket list.



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  1. Hi Mille – I’m not sure I want to be part of your crazy dream, but we can chat about it. And I might just be able to help you instead. I’m a world traveler – just finished 40 days of trekking in Nepal. Now I am in Korea/China/HK, heading to California at the end of June though (I grew up in California).

  2. G’day Mille. I’m also keen for PCT. I recently landed in Mexico, after trekking sólo in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Perú.
    At present, I am investigating food drops for the John Muir component. From what I’ve read, this seems like a great starting point. Let me know. Lindsay.