Buenos Aires – Santiago – Patagonia!

Hi! I’m headed for a short graduate school trip to Buenos Aires from January 2nd-10th, then to Santiago, Chile with a fellow student until the 16th. Then I’m bound for Patagonia! Haven’t made an itinerary yet, but I’m working on it during the holiday season. Would love to meet up with some fellow adventurers…

I have an open ticket, and can stay for a couple months or so. I want to do some trekking and exploring but also look into working or volunteering with a group or organization pursuing natural/philanthropical goals, but again I haven’t done much research in this area yet.

So, basically I’m pretty open-ended, but motivated and excited for a trip to unknown lands! Reach out if you’d like to exchange info or meet up!

Cheers all,



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  1. Hi Steven,

    I’m in Chile now for hiking. Off to Descabezado starting Parque Inglés tomorrow. Will be back in Santiago – I think – around Jan 24th.