British Columbia

is there anyone interested in spending few weeks hiking the magnificent countryside of British Columbia? I am about to arrive from Europe to Calgary on 18th of May and would like to hit the Rockies and further west as soon as possible. My plan is to spend 2 to 3 weeks on the road and in the mountains. I am very flexible and am still looking for places to visit. I am willing to visit and trek in pretty much any place between Rockies and West Coast (town of Quesnel being aproximately on the northest level I am willing to go – as I will be heading to Vancouver afterwards) excluding National Parks if possible (the entrance and backcountry fees are ridiculous, thank God for European mountains). Provincial parks in BC seem like a good choice to me. I’d say I am a moderate-experienced backpacker. I spent several weeks trekking Carpathian mountains in Romania, aprox. 10 days in Spanish Pyrenees, did 2 weeks trip across Iceland, hiked in Kachkar mountain range in Turkey and did numerous hikes in Czech mountains. I am open to any questions and suggestions regarding this trip.

Czech Republic


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  1. Send me your email. I live in Kamloops B.C. Could help you out and probably join for some smaller treks.