I’m planning to do a short trek in December between 3rd and the 13th. My timing unfortunately is pretty rigid, but location-wise I am open to any place in the Northwest of India. Two places I’m considering are Kuari Pass and Brahmatal, but honestly I just want to get out of the city and get closer to the mountains.

Open for camping (have the gears) as well as teahouse trek. If anyone is looking to do short treks during the time before hitting the trails for a longer one, do drop me a line.

Brahmatal PC: Vishwas Krishnamurthy



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  1. hey sweta, cool to see your profile and the treks you’ve done. both brahmatal and kuari pass are also on my todo list.. so am keen to join in. coincidentally, i’m located adjacent to kathgodam, the starting point for the journey to brahmatal. teahouse/camping on a shoestring budget is my preferred mode as well.

  2. err – hope we’re talking of the same brahmatal , which isn’t located in the state of himachal pradesh, but uttarakhand. the kuari pass trrail is also in uttarakhand.