Book Project: We Want Your Hitchhiking Stories.

we are two Quebec journalists / travellers / ex-hitchhikers currently working on a collection of hitchhiking stories. It is a collection in which different travelers write about a particularly memorable journey on the road.

We are currently looking for travellers that have stories to tell. We are open to all written submissions, whether they come from expert adventurers or from novices who hitchhiked only once to get to the neighbouring village. Our goal is to present a wide range of stories from different times, cultures, places and genres; an absurd event, an introspective moment, a memorable human encounter, a subtle cross-cultural discovery, unexpected beauty observed next to the highway, a frustrating, strange or even tragic experience. There are no constraints on style so be creative. Ideally, your story should not exceed 3 pages.

If you are interested, please send us your stories by email as soon as possible. The pieces may be published as is or may be modified with your consent. They may be translated as the book will be in French. You may also simply submit an idea that we can write up ourselves. We will contact the authors of any stories selected in order to give more information about the process and confirm the final format prior to publication.

Please feel free to share this message, in particular with older people without computers or with contacts abroad. Alternatively, let us know if you have specific people in mind that you feel might have good stories for us.

Looking forward to reading your stories!

Hélène Mercier and Philippe Marois



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