Bhutan – Snowman


I’m very enthusiastic to trek the Snowman route through Bhutan this August. I’m currently in Nepal and having an amazing time in the Himalayas. I’ve been through Sagarmartha National Park and am currently on the Annapurna Circuit. I’ll be passing through Upper Mustang in the coming fortnight. I intend on travelling to Ladakh, India or Tibet leading up to Bhutan.

If anyone would like to attempt the Snowman trek I am looking for 2 or more people to join to keep costs reasonably lower. Travelling in August also brings the daily visa fee down to $200 from $250 if there are three or more travellers. After 8 days in Bhutan the visa drops to $167.50. After day 14 it’ll be $135 per day.

I’m an Australian who loves the mountains. Please let me know if you are interested in joining me.

For more general info on the trek here’s a good link:



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