Balthali-namobuddha-scenic Hike with outdoor Himalayan Treks

The trek combines some most attractive places to the east of Kathmandu valley, where beautiful small valleys, unspoiled villages, numerous streams and rivers as well as scenic hilltops and fertile plateaus throb with vibrant rural life. For a few days, you will have a feel of perfect ease and refreshment, refurbishing you from the hectic daily routines at home in the midst of friendly, easy-going, contented villagers. As you walk from one village to another crossing farms and streams, take deep breaths in fresh air. Listen to the gargle of clear streams and the chirping of birds in the thickets. Within easy access from the city, the trip offers a perfect escape into a world of its own. In the end, you emerge fully refreshed and reenergized.
We start the real trek from the eastern rim of Kathmandu valley at Changunarayan, reaching Nagarkot for excellent sunset view in the evening and exquisite sunrise in the morning. Then we make a wonderful hike to Dhulikhel, a beautiful town to the east of Kathmandu. From there, we really move deeper into scenic rural areas, hitting Namobuddha and Balthali. We stop for a day in Balthali, exploring the areas around. A short hike from Balthali brings us to a river with crystal clear water. Stroll along the riverbank for a while, and enjoy the pleasant murmur of the river under the canopy of tall trees. All around, we see green fields and villages, small and big mountains, forests and fertile lands. After a day here, we move on to Panauti, an ancient town, through this picturesque rural area. Our hike ends here and we return to Kathmandu.



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