I’m going to do a solo trek of the Ausangate circuit, solo meaning no arrieros, mules, etc. If you enjoy the freedom of planning your own treks and have some experience hiking in the Andes, this is for you. Departure is very flexible: July 3 at the earliest, July 12 at the latest.

I have done 3 solo treks of 5-6 days in the Andes, and feel completely comfortable with planning, preparing for, and completing this one alone. I would be happy to have a companion or two though, so as long as you are comfortable hiking at altitude and carrying your own weight, it will work out fine. I have ‘ll my own gear except for a stove and pot-set, which I will be renting.

Here’s a very informative write-up from others who did it solo:–bolivia/ausangate-trek-without-a-guide



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    I was wondering if you’ve found someone and/

  2. or have left already. I am also looking to do this trek leaving on the sometime between the 10th and 12th of July. I’ve been in Peru for a couple of weeks and will make my way to Cusco tomorrow (9th). I have plenty of experience in self-supported trips in different environments (hiking in the Alps and Norway, but also cycle touring in Norway/Iceland as well as backcountry ski touring in Lapland with pulkas and tents). However, I have no specific experience of altitudes as high as those reached on this trek. I wasn’t able to bring all my gear from home so will need to rent a pad, backpack and tent. I do have a stove and pot-set. In case you’re interested, let me know.