Hi everybody,

I am going to do ACT from 10th Sept to 1st Oct, which gives me 22 days which should be enough to cover entire trek. I am also considering to do a side trek to Tilicho lake. Initially I was worried about rain and clouds blocking the view, but I see few people even going in peak monsoon. I think weather won’t be too bad and it would be fine to do this trek in mid September, I had to plan this trek in Sept because I got some official holidays in my company which I clubbed with my vacation and got full 3 weeks for myself. I am looking forward to some trekking partners who are doing this trek in the same time frame as I am. I’m not planning to take any guide or porters. My trekking dates are fixed as I have limited number of leaves and want to enjoy most of my time in mountains.

Thank! Atul.



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  1. Let me know if you can squeeze your plans to the one mention there.

  2. Hey Atul,

    I have posted similar thread on this forum. You can browse it through my profile. If the plans there interest you let me know.

    (Not posting link here as it requires moderator approval.)