I arrive in Kathmandu on November 12, and plan to spend a few days there getting ready to walk the Manaslu Circuit from Arughat to Dharapani. I have read that a guide and a minimum of two trekkers is still mandatory to get the permit, so I’m hoping to find someone who is also on a more or less flexible itinerary. I am pretty fit, and have done a lot of hiking over the years, so I can probably keep up, but don’t want to rush either.



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  1. Hey Greg,

    I found this website a few days ago and don’t know how serious this all is. ^^

    I also want to do the Manaslu Circuit. Your departing date fits me quiet well, I also want to leave around 11/17. Earliest arrival for me in Kathmandu is 11/16 as I have to hand in my thesis few days before. For later days of departure I am totally flexible.

    Like you, I would say I’m pretty fit. I often hike in the Alps, including lodge trekking. But I also take no stock in rushing.

    I will also travel on a small budget. I won’t compromise on the equipment, but will also not carry unnecessary stuff.

    • Hey Michi,

      Thanks for the note! I’m still getting used to this website as well, and the notification that you had replied went to my junk folder. Happily I found it! It sounds like our ideas and plans are similar. I arrive the evening of the 12th, and plan a few days to get permits and rent gear ( I’ll bring boots, but plan to rent a sleeping bag and jacket as I’ll travel in India after Nepal) but don’t think I’ll be in a particular hurry to leave Kathmandu. So I wouldn’t mind if I need to wait a few days while you orient yourself, get over jetlag, and get ready to trek. etc….

      When I posted the ad, I got an email from this site that they would forward my needs to potential guide companies if I wanted. I said sure, and I’ve received a few quotes for a guide (necessary for this trek)- the cheapest so far is $15 a day. But I’m pretty sure November is slow enough that it would be no problem waiting to get one after arriving, either.

      I’ve been an avid hiker in the past, but having had knee and back issues from time to time, I’ve considered hiring a porter, if I found one that wasn’t expensive. Not that I think I’ll need one, as I’ve felt pretty good lately, and also won’t pack unnecessary stuff, but I remember thinking, after my previous solo treks, that it might be a nice luxury to to just carry some water and a camera in a day pack one time! 🙂

      I don’t really have a plan as to how long to take. I have read some take as little as 10 days including an acclimatization day in Samagaon, ranging up to a few weeks if going to the Tsum valley as well. I don’t plan to make that week-long side trip, but if we came across some magical spot with nice day hiking to take in something different, or just felt like enjoying some place for an extra day, I’d be up for it. I like best to just play it by ear, and hopefully we’d concur, but it sounds like we’re both pretty flexible and easy going.

      Looking forward to being amid those beautiful mountains again! Let me know if this still sounds like it might work for you.

      Best, Greg

  2. Gents,

    I hope this message finds you well. I’m planning to head out for Kathmandu to the Manaslu Trek trailhead on 15 November 2014. Just thought I’d let you know of my plans. I’ve got a guide I’d like to use.



    • Hi Nathaniel, thanks for writing. Just wondering if you are firm on the dates you’re leaving. While I’ll arrive the 12th and it could work for me, Michi isn’t able to get there until the 16th, it sounds like. Would be interested to hear about your plans, how long you will take, if you’ve gone with this guide before, etc., but maybe you could also write me at the email I left in the previous message, as I check it frequently. Thanks again, and hope to hear from you soon! Best, Greg

  3. Hi all,
    I am planning on walking the Manaslu Circuit as well. Departure day is flexible for me, althoug I’ll leave Nepal dec. 13th. Would nice to meet up with you to make some plans!

  4. Hi all,
    I am planning on walking the Manaslu Circuit as well. Departure day is flexible for me, althoug I’ll leave Nepal dec. 13th. Would be nice to meet up with you to make some plans!

  5. Hello Greg, wondering how your plans are going, I have a post on this site for Manaslu and Tsum leaving 11/11 but I am very flexible. I have a guide that I trekked Annapurna with last year but have hit the two travellers required for permits issue. I like your thoughts on how you would like travel and thought I would touch base with you.

  6. hi! i already in Ktm looking for people how want to do Manaslu trek or Manaslu+tsum. i also found a guide if nessecary.
    i’m interessted to make a groupe with any anybody who want to do it now.
    Here it’s hard to find people that want to do it. price or time pb.
    if we make a 4 people groupe that could be a ‘correct’ price.
    i want to star this hike! 😉