Around Manaslu

Planning a trek around Manaslu leaving 13 May/14th 2018 for 17 daysAs there is a minimum of 2 people needed for Manaslu I need someone to join me, if only for permit purposes!
I have a guide who is TAAN licenced, very experienced, and who paces the treks very well, having trekked with him on 2 previous occasions.
The trip can include all accommodation in Kathmandu, and lodges the rest of the way.
All meals.
Porters (1 porter for 2 people)
Manaslu permit/ACAP permit/Tims permit
Transport to region from KTM and back.
All ages welcome as are couples/singles. Please contact me ASAP if interested or any questions.
Jackie Payne



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  1. suggested itinerary: day1 Arrive KTM
    2. Drive to Soti Chola
    3.Trek to Machha Khola
    4.Trek to Jagat
    5.Trek to Dyang
    6.Trek to Namrung
    7.Trek to Syala
    8.Fungen monastery and trek to Sama Gau
    9. rest day hike to Brenda lake
    10. Trek to Samdo
    11.trek to Dharma sala (Larke base camp)
    12.Larke La pass and drive to Bhimtang (5316m)
    13.trek to Tilche
    14. Trek to Jagat or shree chewer
    15. trek to Ngadi
    16.Drive to KTM day
    18. finale
    This is a suggested itinerary.

  2. day 9 should read Birendra Lake!

  3. I am looking for fellow trekkers. I can vouch for the guide.Come and join me!

  4. Sounds good to me. Would you consider adding days for Tsum valley?

  5. Hi Jackie. Wanted to close the loop. You new travel date is too late for me.
    Good Travels!

  6. Hi jackie I’m interested in your trek. Is your start date fixed? Are you open to moving it forward a few days?

  7. Hi Jackie,
    I hope all is going well on your end with planning for your trek to Manaslu.
    I see you’ve got a guide sorted and you’re looking to start trekking at the same time. If you’re still looking for someone to share the permit with and perhaps split the cost of the guide then please let me know and we can discuss logistics.

    Lots of gratitude,


    • hi Ali
      Tell me more about your plans

  8. Hi Jackie
    Grant here from New Zealand
    I have just come against this problem myself – I need a partner for the permit
    I am already organised for Dual Manaslu – Annapurna trek, departing Kathmandu May 12
    I have a Sherpa guide with huge experience – has summitted many peaks, many times and totally endorsed by a man that works for me who has many first assents in NZ and has climbed many times in Nepal with many of the best climbers in the world.
    I am not worried about the $ happy to share this guide at no cost to you
    I am doing tea house accommodation and have a porter organised but does not really matter as just need someone to get the permit – I have already done Everest base camp, KongmaLa and Cho La
    Please let me know if this may work for you

    • Hi Grant
      This sounds good. I don’t think we will be in Manaslu until 13th.Will be in KTM on 11th. am doing EBC via the Chola pass until then. I will talk to my guide about possibly leaving KTM on the 12th we could consider sharing transport cost to Manaslu as well if you wish. I also have porter organised, so yes lets see what we can do about sharing the permit.

  9. Thanks Jackie
    This may work, I actually messed up my intended departure date from KTM, was to be 11th. If you could depart on 12th would be great otherwise it may get a bit tight for me at the other end, (flight from Jomsom and ex KTM) Yes we could definitely share transport and if we take a four wheel drive I understand we can potentially gain 1 day, so this would put me back on schedule. Let me know if 12th works

    • hi Grant
      spoke to my guide. i think he knows your guide as sounds like your plan! Are you staying in hotel Residence? Lets share transport as well and gain precious time for you!. my mob is +44 7892898770. I am in the Shangrila hotel on the 11th May. you can leave any messages there for me, as also there on arrival in KTM.
      hope this works out, otherwise as a singleton you have to buy 2 permits. I don’t think there will be a problem. all the best

  10. Hi, Jackie!
    You don’t really need another trekker, you just need agency that does it for one person. If you can’t find another trekker that is.

    >3.Trek to Machha Khola
    I would suggest to avoid this village, at least big hotel on the right side as you enter. Goddamn snakes! Can be overcrowded and noisy as well.

    >12.Larke La pass and drive to Bhimtang (5316m)

    The only way to drive is donkey ride 🙂

    >13.trek to Tilche
    >14. Trek to Jagat or shree chewer
    >15. trek to Ngadi

    It is about 6-7h to go down from Bimtang to Dharapani, which is technicaly the end of Manaslu. If you throw in a few hours more, you can walk to Jagat on that day.
    Also reach Ngadi the same day. Ngadi is basically a few hotels scattered around the dusty road. Small hotels, but can be nice. Better than Besi Sahar or Bhulbule anyway.

    • Hello

      I am in a similar situation – looking for a partner for permit reasons but to go to Upper Mustang. Could you please let me know which agency would issue a permit for a single person (whilst only charging for one?)
      Thanks in advance,

  11. Reach Ngadi next day i mean.

  12. Sounds good Jackie
    I have various reports about the permit, some yes some no but have heard they may check. Anyway if we can leave on May 12 we have it covered. I stay at Hotel Shankar get in on 10th I will leave a message at yours to arrange meeting. Meantime I will arrange transport for the 12th. Enjoy the Solo Khumbu

    • Hi grant
      We will be in KTM on 10th depending on flight from Luckla. So all good for 12th .we could meet up on 11th for coffee a nd organise permit share as need to buy in KTM
      Best wishes

  13. Hello Jackie,

    I am in a similar situation- for permit reasons I am looking for a partner – however, I want to go to Mustang / Lo Manthang. I am writing to you on the -highly unlikely- off-chance that you might be interested in changing your destination 🙂 – I am intending to head off from Kagbeni on the 6th of May to arrive in Lo Manthang around the 12th which is the start of the local 3 day Tij festival – which will all be very special/ spectacular. There are monasteries with 15th century murals, caves and the landscape in no way in any less spectacular than Manaslu – if not much more so …. Give it a thought! You can always go to Manaslu later !???? 🙂
    (I have been to Langtang, Manaslu and Poonhill and have lived in Nepal for two years)

    We could meet at Kagbeni on the 6th – or fly together from Kathmandu to Pokhara and then Jomsom (Kagbeni is a bus ride away from Jomsom).

    It would be just too nice if you just said yes!

    Best wishes!

  14. Hi Jackie –

    I only saw the other replies after I had sent my message to you. I sounds like you found someone to go to Manaslu which is great!
    Have a wonderful trip!


  15. you can go to page of mustang in a same site this for a manaslu Dear Milena

  16. Hello Jackie, Ali and Grant! I am Deepak from India. I am looking forward to do the Manaslu circuit around the days you mentioned. On a shoestring budget so looking for partners who’ve probably already paid for the guide, but I’m happy to put my share if required.
    I have done the Annapurna Circuit last year same time. Actually that’s when I decide that I want to do the Manaslu after a year.
    I’m also a trained mountaineering instructor so I’ve done a bit of trekking.
    I’m flexible with itinerary and speed of trek. Thanks