I am heading to Patagonia in Feb for 5 weeks. Looking for a travel partner to hit up some of the many hikes in Patagonia. Route still in progress… But I will start and end in Buenos Aires, I plan to head south via bus/hitch hiking and then fly back up to Buenos Aires to catch my flight home.

About me: 26 year old from Ireland. I love hiking, kayaking and climbing and been outdoors in general. I am taking some time out from work to travel. Sep – Dec I was traveling solo. However it would be amazing to have someone to join me on this adventure.



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  1. Hi Siobhan,
    I am going to Patagonia too, departing March 1. I am flying to Buenos Aires and then straight to Ushuaia. Not sure our schedules can join together but perhaps we could meet somewhere halfway during your last week.
    I am from Italy but have been living in Ireland for the last 5 years. My main interest and goal for this trip is hiking