Would like to do a trekking in the high arctics with skis and sledge. I’m aiming to cover 400 – 500 km in 40 days and be totally independent (tent, cooking, food, etc…). My current preference is to start in small Inuit settlement in nothern Canada called ‘Resolute’ and walk over sea ice and uninhabited islands to ‘Grise Fjord’ on Ellesmere Island.

The trek involves traversing sea ice and crossing polar bear habitat, temperatures in april should be in ranging from -15 degrees during daytime to a minimum of -40 degrees. Im experienced in backcountry skiing (also with trips north of the polar circle) and high altitude climbing, this is however a new challenge in the high Arctics.

I would do the trip also alone but prefer to have a partner and possibly organize a little ‘equipment test trip’ to Norway in February. Im a very social person and easy to get along with, for finding a partner for such a project would prefer to do a ‘test trip’ together beforehand 😉



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