Arctic Circle Trail, Greenland

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I am based in Auckland, New Zealand. I have just bought my flights to Greenland, arriving on 27th May, 2016. I am looking for companions to hike with me on Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland.


The entire length of Arctic Circle Trail is roughly 100 miles, taking 8-10 days to complete depending on your pace of travel.


Personally I spent $3100 NZD on flights, but that’s the price you pay to go to places like Greenland; other than that you are free to camp ANYWHERE in Greenland, since there is no private ownership of land. The huts along the trail are free to use as well, first come first served. Hostels are expensive. Local currency is Danish Krone.


The trail itself lies above the arctic circle (hence its name), but summer temperatures are mild, averages in late May and early June are single digits above freezing. Rainfall is minimal compared to New Zealand. Reference:…


Treeless tundra with numerous lakes. There are lake canoes free to use, once again first come first served.


The trail starts from Kangerlussuaq and ends in Sisimiut. There are no settlements between these towns so you’ll have to be completely self-sufficient for those 8-10 days. Especially since less than 300 people complete the hike every year, you will be lucky to see another human being along the trail. However the good news is that water from lakes (which are numerous) are safe to drink.


These little blood suckers are a major nuisance in summer. Although they normally don’t hatch until July, as with all things in nature, they can be unpredictable. Bring insect repellent just to be safe.

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  1. Hey Ian,
    How did you get on in Greenland?
    I’m hoping to get there early June.
    I’m an experienced tramper living in London