Anapurna circuit or base camp..

I m living in UK born in Nepal. I want to explore Nepal, low cost or an average, it depends as we move on.
Very flexiable with places and date. I speak Nepali hindi and English so moving around Nepal is easy, but I m not aware of routs and many places. I think that we could manage easily, plan as we move.
I ll be arriving kathamndu on 29th of June till end of August
If u looking similar stuff, message me.



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  1. Hi,
    I’m in pokhara and looking to do a 7 day hike up to Annapurna base camp. I’m not totally set on this trek so happy to hear other ideas, I need to be in lumbini on the 15th so have some time.

    • Bro, 7 days is not enough if u really wants to enjoy the nature… Just seeing is diff.. I want to explore every village, meet diff ppl,, know them… Some time possible to spend few days in village… Ill track out of tourist track change z every one charge money.. If u track most of the place its free…..

  2. Ok, How many days are you looking to be hiking for?

    • At least 20 30 days ..

  3. Hello my same name twin, have fun with the your stay.

    • Cheers mate…

  4. Hey 😉 I‘ve seen you wrote to Fien about the AC…we are planning to start on 11th of July. Anyone who wants to join is invited 😀

  5. Hey karin, r u already in Nepal? Let’s catch up n plan it accordingly coz of heavy rainfall over few days so, thinga aren’t that smooth.

    • Ahh nooo! Things have to be smooth 😀 but in the Annapurna region it isn’t that bad normally isn’t ? they told me you can trek there all over the year.? but I think it will be the best weather until next week 🙂 I’m still in Vienna and landing in Kathmandu on Monday afternoon.

  6. I mean food and accommodation cost per day /person an average 30-35 US Dollar Thank you !