Annapurna trek with good company

Plan to do the Langtang and Tamang trail and the Poon Hill trek. One will be mid Feb, the other will follow. Flexible on which one comes first but must fit it in by 5th March.



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  1. Matt – I believe we’re looking to take similar approaches to the AC- having a companion(s), not a constant chatty sidekick, and open to the possibilities that will present themselves along the way. No strict plan, but a rough outline to guide us. I have been considering whether a guide or porter (open to going with both or either) is necessary and/or beneficial. I’m hearing/reading pos/neg to both. I’m in Nepal from January 10-March 5, flexible. Let’s chat?

  2. Hey Kris

    Sounds like a plan. I’m gonna be doing a retreat at Kopala just outside Kathmandu until Feb 8th, and I hope to start a trek on or around 10th so I can fit in the 3 weeks AC and not rush.

    I thought I might get together with one or two people from the retreat if we get on so create a group of anything between 2 and 5.

    I guess the last thing anyone wants is to be stuck on a trip with someone you don’t get on with! So a chat sounds like a plan, and perhaps even a meet up when we’re in Nepal before hand? (Never done this before, its quite an odd concept!)

    I’ve also heard pros and cons about guides and porters. Being a guide myself I realise it can be beneficial to have an inside track – it can add to the experience. But I’m not 100% sold…

    Would you like to skype sometime before xmas? I could be free tomorrow afternoon around 4pm GMT. Where are you based?


  3. Yes, yes and yes. Sent you a private message.

  4. Hey Matt,

    I’m planning on going to Kathmandu the 4th of February and planning on doing the Annapurna trek also 5 days later (so around the 10th of February). I have no schedule whatsoever, only want to go to India after Nepal. I’m not a serious trekker, actually this is will be my second time going in a plane 😉

    Well maybe we can have a chat beforehand or maybe in Khatmandu to see if we have a click haha.

  5. Hey Ward

    What you’re planning sounds along the same lines to me. I’ve had second thoughts about doing the Annapurna trek due to the possible extreme cold around Manang and Thorung La, but wont make a decision until I arrive. Its possible that I’ll do the Langtang & Poon Hill Treks instead.

    Are you dead set on Annapurna?

    Whatever happens, I’m looking to trek around 10th so it would be worth meeting up if we get a chance.

    I’m doing a retreat at the Kopan monastery until 8th, but we should stay in email contact. I may also be joining up with another trekker Kris, but again its not set in stone yet!

    I’m off to Spain for a week now but will be able to skype if you like from 16th March.


  6. Hi, I am looking for hiking out of Pokhara in Feb- I don’t mind where! Are you still going and still looking for people? 🙂

  7. Hey Tui

    My plans have changed somewhat as upon consideration I don’t much fancy over two weeks of trekking, so
    I think I’ll be doing the Poon Hill Trek out of Pokhara around 15th Feb.

    Much may change in the meantime however so I may not be your most reliable option!

    If you like, you could get in touch send me a message – maybe something could work out!