Annapurna trek Sept 13

I volunteered in Nepal last year and am planning on heading back in September ’13 to do the ABC trek. Unfortunately I only have approx 3weeks off work this time so my dates arent really flexible – it has to be within the month of september…..Anyone interested?



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  1. Hey Louise,
    I’m gonna be in Nepal for 2 weeks at start of Sept after being in S.E.A for a month. Date of arrival in Nepal not solid yet. I’m keen to do the ABC trek. Have you looked into it much, would you want to take a guide or just porter etc? I don’t know too much, but sounds like trek would be about 8 days.

    • Hey Emma. Thanks for your message! excellent- i will prob arive in nepal on sept 1st…..and would go any time really (i have 3 weeks to play around with)…..
      i havent really thought much about it tbh….i suppose a porter would be a good idea…..not sure about the guide… people usually get one?- I think the paths are pretty well laid out……

      any other thoughts?

    • I think you can arrange a porter and they organise your food for you. Can’t imagine it to be that expensive and that would save a bit of hassel as I wouldn’t know where to gather the ‘right’ kind of foods. If tracks are all marked out, I would be fine not hiring a guide.
      Totally need to do more reseach into this!
      But it would be sweet if we could meet up to head to ABC when we know what it is that we actually would be doing, haha.

  2. Hey emma- sorry only replying now. I just couldn’t get onto the website for a while there…..
    Yeah we could just see what the deal is with arranging a porter…..
    Re food/ accom- I think you just book into the teahouses as you go……and they do food…..I don’t think you would need to bring much food with you, other than some snacks maybe……..

    You still keen to go early sept- like maybe the 3rd/4th? (Im thinking of doing a rafting trip after so just trying to fit it all in) Maybe we might meet some more people there to tag along with too……. 🙂

  3. Hey Lousie, 3rd-4th sounds good. Looks like I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on the 30th of August.
    Do you wanna add me on good ol’ facebook since that is an easier/faster way to communicate.
    I’m sure we will find some people to either tag along with, or others who want to join our adventure 🙂
    Wicked! I haven’t been to Nepal before. Totally excited!

  4. Hey Emma and Louise,
    Are you still looking for any more trekking partners? I am currently in Nepal and I’m also really keen to do the abc-trek in September. I’m an 18 year-old boy from Berlin, who’s just staying in Nepal for 3 months. What you mind me joining your adventure?

  5. Hey Anton,
    Yeah sounds good. The more the merrier. As Louise said above it’ll be good to head off to start the trek 3rd sept. should we all meet up in Kathmandu or pokhara? Thoughts??

  6. Yeah that would be great Anton. The more the merrier!!!!!
    Yeah let’s meet in kathmandu and go from there….. do ye wanna add me on Facebook (emma I couldn’t find you – there seems to be a lot of Emma beatons?)…….my email is……. 🙂

  7. Oooops I just found you on FB there now!!!!!haha

  8. Room for one more? Looks like the dates have been finalised for sep 4th? I might come a few days late and in case your plans get delayed by a few days I would love to join too. In the meantime, have a wonderful time!

  9. Hi kunal! Of course you are more than welcome to join us!!!! I think we will start our trek on either the 3rd or 4th of September so if this suits you then let us know! 🙂