Annapurna Trek

Hi all

I’m Matt from the UK, 25 and will be in Nepal from 18th August for a month. Will be my second visit and was thinking of Trekking Annapurna (Flexible trekking dates) + explore a bit around Pokhara. Anyone wanting to join or ask any questions feel free!

Peace 🙂



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  1. Hi, would you be up for a shorter trek out of Pokhara? Maybe 5 days tops? I’ll be in Nepal 18-29, so I was thinking of doing some walking around Pokhara and then spending the last few days in Kathmandu. But that’s as detailed as my plan gets 🙂


  2. hey matt, , wanna do around annapurna ? can u start on the 20th?
    will be glad to hear from u. will arrive in ktm on the 12th next week.


    • Hey Ilana! How long are you staying in Nepal for? I think starting on the 21 or 22nd would be great, and was thinking maybe 8 -10 days? What do you think?

      Look forward to hear back from you 🙂

  3. Hey Girls 😉

    Myself and one friend arrive in KTM on 19th, from there we will head for Pokhara 20/21? We both have plans to trek Annapurna (with no guide) and hope to meet people in Pokhara to join us.

  4. Hi all,

    I am currently in Pokhara and wanting to do Annapurna Base Camp in 7 – 8 days from the 20th / 21st. Have found a great agency here after shopping around that can provide all inclusive for $400USD if I find someone to come along. Am eager to share the experience with follow Trekkers 🙂