Annapurna Trek

Hi guys, I am Gian, italian, 34 years old and in love with travelling!!
I’m about to start the Annapurna Trek (circuit or shorter trek) in the following days. I found a good reliable trek agency that provide from guide to all inclusive (guide + accom + food). I’m travelling in a low budget so no need of porter or special confy accomodations!
Just arrived yesterday, if u want to join my plan (flexible also according to your ideas) here I am!



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  1. hi..may i know when is the start of ur travel? i will be there by the 27..(oh, and what is your budget?)

  2. Hi wiming! I’ll start the circuit tomorrow morning from Ktm! I guess it’s too late for u to join me…

  3. ah. ok.. will have a good trek trip 🙂 cheers