Annapurna Trail


I am a single trekker from Ireland heading for The Annapurna Circuit on the 16th April I would love to meet up with any like minded trekkers.

I am intending to spend three to four weeks there and am trying to get to the Thorung La, then do the full route starting from Besi Sahar to Naya Pui,

I would like to do the side trip at Manang to Tilicho Lake and return to the trail to carry on to the Pass.

Look forward to hearing from you.





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  1. Hi DecIan – I am interested in doing the AC starting around the same time.

    I’d like a group of 3-5 people. I’m fairly fit, but would like a bit of flexibility a smaller group affords- in case one of feels the need to spend an unplanned acclimatization night somewhere along the way.

    I would like to begin in Besi Sahar and ending in Naya Pul. Approximately 19-21 days. I would also like to take the extra half day in Kagbeni to see the Mustang villages.

    I think I’d prefer a guide + a porter to split a pack with someone, but I’m open to hear what you’re planning.

    All the best, Jenny

  2. Dear Jennifer
    I thought I was not going to get a reply to my post….but maybe I’ve hit the jackpot.
    Thank you for your reply, I would love to join you….it would be lovely to have company from the start.
    I lived in America for 18 years as an Architect working in Manhattan, but lived in River Edge NJ.
    I’m back eight years now but miss that lovely American accent, it would be lovely to hear it on the Trail.
    I had not being going to get either a Porter or a Guide….on the maps front I use a SatMap GPS, they did not have digital SD cards of the Annapurna Area so I got them to make one and have the entire route plotted into it now.
    If you really think a porter is a must for you I will share one with you, we could likely need a little help after Yak to the Pass.
    I am hoping to do the side trip a Manang to Tilicho Lake (3 days) then back to Manang and continue route..
    My actual dates Jennifer are fly into Kathmandu 15th April get Permits a day to chill then straight to Basi Sahar on the Wednesday 16th
    Wow you have been in very many interesting countries and I see you have been in Ireland…..what part….did you climb Carrauntoohil
    Regards and thank you, I hope we can arrange something.
    Declan Wall
    PS my e-mail is if you wish to have my mobile or home number in County Kerry just let me know.

  3. Hi
    I am Arjun I will be in pokhara in 16 April. I want to as you to do Annapurna round. If we can do it together with sharing a good time I will be glad. You can write me on or text me on 977-9841962577. I am waiting your responses.

  4. Hi Declan – Sorry it took me so long to respond. I love that you seem to have this all so under control with the maps and whatnot. The only part I’m not sure about is 3 days side trip, but I will look into it.

    I think you mentioned someone else who had PM’d you about joining. I’m not fussed, whoever it is. I think it is good to have a few more people since everyone goes at different speeds, etc.

  5. Also, after talking with more people and a friend who is a guide here, I’ve decided no guide or porter. If necessary I think I can pick one up along the way. I just plan to pack light 😉