Annapurna – to Kabeni/ Muktinath

Hi,I’m Gemma, I an urban anthropologist and researcher from London, I am in Nepal for a few months to work and travel. I am organising a guide to trek with around the Annapurna’s up to Muktinath with me.

I am keen interest to explore the local culture and context along the way. I am currently looking for a guide who speaks good english and is also knowledgeable on the area. My plan is to trek with some flexibility to stop an extra night if wish on way to explore. Approximately looking at 10 days to trek to Muktinath, then I’ll stay on a few nights there to explore Kalbeni, Jharkot etc…

I am very active but have not trekked at altitude before, also taking a guide to help with translation and local introductions. Would love to find someone also interested in trekking, but also interested in exploring the region and the culture along the way – ideally to help with sharing cost of guide and accomodation.
I’m a very curious person and love tapping under the surface of a place to uncover local stories and traditions. Back home I trained as an architect but work in the area of social research and community led design, working very actively with communities in their local context. I really want to reach Mustang, but with such a high cost, that is another trip!

Cost is approx. $250 ($25 a day for a guide) for 10 days, then approx. 1500 ruppes a day on top for accomodation and food.

Option for someone to take the guide on to trek back after muktintah, or trek back together without a guide. Also flexible for someone to join for part of the way if prefer?
I am currently in Pokhara, so happy to meet up here if interested?

Additional option: I am interested in trek through Nar to Phugan, this is a more isolated Tibetian area. A week permit for $90 (much cheaper than the $500 for Manang!). Cost for processing it is $100 and you need to trek in a group of 2 with a guide. Would love to find someone interested in exploring this more forbidden area with a guide.

Look forward to hearing!



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  1. Hi Gemma, I’m Mel, currently in Pokhara too, planning to leave for ACT on the 19th but have a day of flexibility. I’ve been looking into hiring a guide but then considered going without one. Sharing the costs would be great though! If you have time tomorrow we could meet for a chai and a chat. Let me know, Cheers, Mel

    • Hey same plans, would we meet today in Pokhara

  2. Hi Geemma, I have sent me a mail in your gmail.Please decide on my offer and call me .I am in Pokhara 🙂