Annapurna special circuit : Naar-Phu + Tilicho Lake

Hello there,

I’m planning a trek in the Annapurna region. Not the “classic” Annapurna tour, but a great and less known walk between Mustang tibetan culture area and the Annapurna region.

For now, except me, a girl from France is in. And we will gladly accept few others trekkers to join us on this trip.
If you have any question about the trip, please feel free to send me a message.

(you can see the itinary on map in the media files)



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  1. Hi Pierre-Yves,

    Your trip looks interesting. I will be in Nepal and am looking for some interesting trek from around Sept 20.
    I prefer not the ‘touristy’ routes… How did you find your itinerary and can I get more details?
    Cheers, Gordon

    • Hey Gordon,
      I’m glad you’re interested about the trip i planned.
      Naar-Phu is not a touristy route, that’s for sure. I don’t like it neither. 🙂
      How did i find the itinerary ? Well, in fact i studied nepalese culture and languages at University and i already did several trips in the country.
      I did Mustang last year (was really wonderful), and i was looking for another remote area alike.

      I already joined the full itinerary and the agency chosen to accompany us.
      For now, we are 2 french people, both about 30 y/o.
      If you have any question, feel free to ask.

  2. Hi Pierre,
    Your trip seems interesting as you planing use less touristic trek. Anyway i’m Gurdeep Singh from India. Love you join your group.
    As per my trekking experience, i did small trek, good with climbing and walking but never been on big trek before.
    So let me know

  3. Hi Gurdeep,
    Thank you for your message.
    What trek did you do ? Have you all required stuffs for trekking (i mean shoes, technical equipment).
    Please, tell me a bit more about you.
    Feel free to ask questions about the trek.

  4. Hi Plerre,
    Thanks for your reply and sorry for replying late…
    I’m computer engineer work with Morgan Stanley in Mumbai(India). I did small trek around Mumbai . All were one day trek. As per equipment for trek, i don’t have any right now but will have soon :).
    As per my body strength i run 2 or 3 km everyday, If you are thinking of going very fast then may be i will not be able to match you guys.
    You can visit my couchsurfing profile( or facebook profile ( or whatapp me on +919971778383 for more details.
    Can you share your facebook or couchsurfing profile?
    So let me know….

  5. Hi Peirre,
    Waiting for you reply.
    If you have any question or doubt please let me know.

    • Hey Gurdeep,
      Sorry for the delayed answer. I was wondering about what you wrote. I mean, if it really was a good idea for you to come with us.
      As you never did a “real” trek (several days almost in the wild), and not experienced high altitude either, i honestly think you should do another trek.
      (maybe the classical Annapurna Tour, from Besi Sahar to Jomosom, or Langtang/Helambu). 🙂

      Hope i’m not too rude writing you all of this, but better be honest than to make you suffer on the path. ^_^

    • Hi Pierre,
      Thank you for your quick reply. Its not rude. Any way i’m used to high attitude as i crossed Manali to Leh Road (world highest and dangerous road in dry part of Himalaya) on my bike. I didn’t had any trouble there. I climbed high mountain in gulmarg(kashmir, india) and several other as i love it.
      I think i can manage AC its not very difficult and so many tree houses and other facilities as i seen if trek videos and read in articles.
      Hope so we will not get any trouble there, will have lot of fun :).
      if you still have any doubt you can ask or want go on with some experience trekking, that is OK.

  6. Hey Gurdeep,

    What do you mean about AC ? And about “treehouses” or facilities ?
    (Naar-Phu is not exactly the same way than Annapurna tour with all its teahouses and facilities, it’s a very rustic and remote path)
    Could you send me a private message to get a discussion about the trek ?

    • Hi Pierre-Yves,
      I’m already in Nepal and I’m looking for a 2 weeks trekking but as Gordon, I don’t really enjoy the touristy routes… And september 21st would be perfect for me.
      I’m not really experienced with mountain trekking for that long but I have the equipment for it, and seeing your itinerary, I think I’ll be able to manage it. I’m a 26 year-old french medicine student (that’s why my english isn’t perfect…), so in good health 🙂 ! I have a nepalese phone number if you need more information +977 981 30 11 745 (as I didn’t bring anything to have internet, I’ll go in a cyber shop to check your answer).
      Thanks !

  7. Per my email I confirm my participation !

  8. Angele > I will arrive in Nepal on next friday.
    I’ll get a nepalese simcard, i’ll be able to contact you by phone.
    Could you tell me more about you by private message ?
    Thank you.