Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

Hi All,
My name is Richard, I’m a PhD student from England and will be flying to Kolkata to do some work in september. I’m going to take some time off whilst out there and will be flying to Kathmandu on the 5th October staying in Nepal until the 21st. I’m looking for some trekking partners to do the Annapurna Sanctuary trek with between those dates. I’m pretty relaxed and like to think I’m easy to get along with! Last year I completed the Manaslu circuit which was incredible so I’m very excited to be going back!

Let me know if you’re interested and we can discuss in more detail by email.

Thanks a lot,



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  1. Hey Richard,

    I am currently working in a lab in Kathmandu and going to have a week to 10 days off starting the 10th of October. I’d definitely be willing to join you if those dates suit you.


  2. That could be difficult as I have to fly back to Kolkata on the 21st so it would be cutting it a bit finer than I would ideally like since I believe the Annapurna Sanctuary takes 10 days. There is the option of the Langtang valley trek though, which is also 10 days but would finish in Kathmandu rather than Pokhara. Is there any flexibility with your dates as to leaving before 10th?


  3. Hi Richard,

    I am Cecilia and I just decided and bought the ticket to Nepal to have trekking or Rafting. I will be in Kathmandu on 6th but I will be free after 8th of October. I am not an expert in trekking. if you don’t mind that I can join after 9th Oct. If you are interested, please let me know.

  4. Hey Richard,

    I am looking at the same dates as you and definitely interested in Annapurna. I’ve got from about the 5th/6th until 18th/19th. Shoot me an email ( if you are interested in teaming up.