Annapurna sanctuary trek / base camp

Hi guys.

Looking to start the annapurna sanctuary trek around second week of june (around 13th to 17th). I am already in pokhara and have recently finished the annapurna circuit. I hear the sanctuary trek is fanstastic, itl take about 10 days to complete.

I am a 28 year old south african male. Lots of good vibes 🙂 Message me to discuss.

South Africa


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  1. Hey Cobus,
    I’m in Pokhara and have less time than previously thought (10-12) days. So I’m considering the Annapurna Base Camp trek instead of the circuit.
    If you’re still interested, we can meet up and have a chat about joining up.

  2. Hi jake. Thanks for the message and apologies for delayed response. Thats cool , I am still very keen on annapurna base camp. From what ive heard its amazing.

    Im currently in kathmandu but have a completely open itenerary, so can come through for the trek immediately. How much longer have you got for nepal? When would you want to start the trek? It can be done in about 8 days if we skip poon hil

    • Oh dear That sounds good too
      But I have a flight ticket to pokhara tmr
      I’ll be heading to or2k in thamel for dinner around 9:30 pm Would love to meet you in person anyway
      Let me know 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m in kathmandu and going to pokhra tmr
    I was hoping to stay in pokhra for 2 nights before heading down to abc camp
    There’s been number of warnings not to travel solo and I’m glad to have found you
    By any chance you’re flexible for a day or two than your plan?

    • Hi Jung. I am now doing the langtan valley trek instead of annapurna base camp. I am also in kathmandu if you are instrested and would like to meet up and talk about it 🙂 Langtan is rated a easier hike, altitude is not to high max is 4 600m, you follow a river valey and it is described as being very very beautiful. Its quite close to kathmandu, total duration is 13 days