Annapurna Sanctuary Late September


I’ll be in Nepal for a month starting September 20 and am hoping to grab a trekking buddy or two for the Annapurna sanctuary trek in late September. Goofballs and good stroytellers strongly perfered.

I’m somewhat flexible on start date, though my preference is to do the trek towards the beginning of my trip. I’m new to long treks, but hike and trail run frequently back home. Still, it would be cool if you’re OK with me occasionally letting my novice colors shine through. I’d perfer to hike sans guide, but not strongly.

Let me know if you’re interested! PM is probably best.

Happy hiking,

United States


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  1. Hi Lexie,

    A friend and I are planning on trekking around the 20th of Sept. We are a couple of guys from Kathmandu, and looking for people to partner with.

    This date is flexible by a couple of days since you land on the 20th, but not very flexible.

    My email is Can you send me an email, and we can discuss if its feasible.



  2. hey lexie,
    we are two guys and we will be starting our trek on 21 or 23[ flexible]. we both are students and we got 2 months off from our college so duration is not going to be a issue. i have some experience with treks. our budget is bit tight and personally i am not that found of guides. and bigger the group better it is. if you are interested do let me know.

  3. Hi guys. I’m a girl from the Netherlands and want to do a trek from 22nd until 28th. I have to be back for the bus to Kathmandu. I want to do poon hill or a short version of ABC. If anyone would like to join please let me know.