Annapurna sanctuary

Hi there, 🙂
One easygoing and mtn experienced aussie planning on heading up to ABC sometime in late Feb. Exact date a bit flexi, as I arrive in KTM around the 19th Feb and will stay near Boudha. Looking for a trip buddie(s) to share the fun + safety. Have extensive experience trekking at altitude in the Nepalese Himalaya plus Pakistan, Tibet and NZ, – bit of an outdoor / mtn person to be fair – so pretty confident and capable in the hills. Not a speed demon, nor a slowpoke as I do wilderness photography am a nature lover and have an ethos of enjoying the journey. Well attuned to altitude acclimation, safety, the local culture, so seeking someone who is reasonably switched-on, yet also easy going. Anyhow, if you are interested, flick me a message. 🙂



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