Annapurna Region Trek

Fairly experienced hiker looking for a small group to take on the annapurna circuit or other similar trek in July 2014. Late notice, but give me a shout! I’m super laid back and would love to have some other mellow folks to trek with.



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  1. Hi Kevin
    if youcan wait for mid july
    i would be interested.
    Same thing, no particular trek plan but usually good hiker (South America)

    • I arrive in Nepal on the 6th. When would you want to begin?

  2. I’m already on Pokhara but I have things to do up to june 12th, june 13th is world cup final, any day after is good for me

    • It’s definitely a possibility. I would prefer to leave earlier since I also am heading to India and leave to go home on August 7th, but I think it could still work out potentially. Would you be looking to get a guide? I’ve read that there are many detours due to landslides during the monsoon season. If the group is large enough, it would be very affordable.

  3. Hi Kevin
    if you think it wont work
    do not worry about me and please go.
    I’ll manage a way at some time and as i wont be connected for 10 days you may want more commitment
    Have a nice trek

  4. sorry. just testing.

  5. Hi Kevin, I would really like to do the annapurna circuit, leaving as soon as possible – would you still like to leave today?

    • I don’t arrive in Nepal until the 6th and have some visa work to do before I get going on the trails, so I won’t be available until the 9th or 10th

  6. Hi guys,

    I’m planning to arrive in Nepal mid-July, and intend to do the Annapurna Base Camp
    trek. If anyone is interested in doing this hike, please let me know and maybe we could join forces!