Annapurna Region Trek- Khopra Danda

Hi, I’m Tara- an Australian currently exploring the wonders of Nepal.

I am just about to head of on a trek to everest base camp and gokyo, and after that i was hoping to squeeze in some walking in the annapurna region before i head home.

Unfortunately i don’t have a great deal of time – only about a week or so. i have heard that the khopra danda ridge – one of the newer tracks in the area and a little off the beaten track- is quite spectacular so am quite keen to get out there.

However I am open to other suggestions also!

I’m looking k to head out on about the 22nd of october, and aiming to be back to pokhara by about the 30th.

If there is anyone interested in joining me let me know. (Although internet access is going to be limited in the coming weeks, so i may be a little slow in reply)



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    Hi Tara,

    My brother and I did the Khopra Dande ridge trek a few years ago. Sounds like the perfect hike for you to do when you’re finished in the Everest region. It’s short but you get up high and have beautiful views of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna South, and few people as well. Coming down, you can descend through the mountain villages to Tatopani and catch a bus back to Pokhara if that’s your plan. Good luck!

  2. HI Tara,
    We nepali guys also plan to trek EBC. which can be finish in 1 week. After our celebration of dashain festival on 21st we will be in pokhara and in 22 we will strat our trek. so if ur searching for companion for those trek then mail me

  3. Hi Tara and or Saagar,

    If you’re up for more companions on the trip it sounds like to kind of trip I’ve been looking for. Please let me know if you are still planning to take this trip and if there is room for one more!

  4. Hi guys,
    yes- still planning on doing the trek. The exact departure date may change by a day or two as I weather delayed the start of our EBC trek, but I will have a better idea about that in a few days.

    Alex, did you guys do it with a guide? And if so do you think it is necessary? Also, where did you guys head out from- seems to be quite a few potential routes… Thanks for the tips!

    Sagaar and Jeroen, i think that there should be room for all… send me an email at and we can try to sort out some of the details!

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    Tara, I forget the name of the trailhead but it’s the same place where everyone goes to go to Ghorepani. You follow the exact same route, except after Ghorepani you head down into the next valley and then ascend a ridgeline to erach Khopra Dande. You gain quite a bit of elevation during this ascent.

    My brother and I didn’t take a guide and didn’t have any issues. When ascending the ridge line you need to know the correct trail to take, so we ended up asking for directions quite a but that day. This was a few years ago and since then I think the trail has become more popular. If you do go it alone, have someone explain the route to you on a map so you know your way beforehand.

    Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions,