Annapurna Region – Base Camp or Short Circuit, Start of May 2013


I am hoping to do either ABC or a shorter version of the Annapurna Circuit at the start of May. I plan to arrive in Pokhara at the beginning of May, literally 1st-3rd and would be ready to start quite quickly after I pick up a few bits of gear (I’m in India at the moment).

I have to be in Kathmandu on 18-19th May to meet friends for a trek around Gokyu Ri, but that means I have lots of time to trek with you around Annapurna region! 😀

I am happy to trek with or without a guide, but wanted to do it with some people. I have details of a highly recommended guide anyway who will be in Pokhara at the time.

I’m a 27 year old male based in the North East of England. I love to trek and hike, having good experience of doing so in England and Scotland. Hopefully as an endurance cyclist I’m also fit enough to keep up with you, even if I have already travelled without much fitness training for 3 months! However I am looking to enjoy the experience and take it easy of course, so anyone is welcome to trek with me – and likewise I will be a good partner.

Please feel free to contact me, drop a line on this post so we can get in touch!

Best Regards,

Rob Walker

Hey Rob!

My name is Sahra and Im from Sweden. Im gonna me honest with you and confess that I have limited experience of trekking, only daytrekks in Europe so far. Im currently in Pokhara living in a yoga ashram until the end of this month (April). I would love to start trekking in the beginning of May.

My shape is not excellent but after hours and hours of yoga I should do just fine 🙂 Nothing extreme though! :S I love trekking and being outside.

Take care in India!


Sahra Svensson

Hey Sahra!

Good to hear from you. I think we can work something out? I am going to be doing my first trek at high altitude so will probably take it easy. No doubt moderate will mean moderate 🙂 I am arriving in Pokhara at the start of May. Drop me a line with your email address. Mine is in my profile and we can sort something out to organise if it is possible for us both.

Enjoy your time there. Can’t wait to get to Nepal.





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