Annapurna Region


I’m set to start the Annapurna Circuit on March 22nd or 23rd. Will be going with a guide but would still love company. Feel free to join me if you’re open to hiking with a guide.

All are welcome!




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  1. hi would like to join the group. been once few years ago EBS would like to do it again some where in Nepal.

  2. Hey,

    It seems you are heading to Nepal sometime in March/April 2015. Right?

    I am heading there too around the same time for the hike up to ABC. It has been my dream to trek up there and fall in love with mountains forever. I had started practicing and should be perfectly fit by April. I want to be there in Spring to see the forest along the trail turns red, pink and white with rhododendron flowers. Should be a mystical experience for sure.

    I am looking for travel buddy myself and maybe we can work out our dates together we can trek up there together too. Drop in a message if you think it might be possible.

    Cheers! KP

    PS: Me and my absurd blog:

  3. Hi! If you are still planning to hike Annapurna, I am looking for a partner. I am living in Nepal short term and already have a long list of guides that have been recommended by friends who have done the trek. Let me know if you’re still searching for someone to do it with!

  4. Hey Bridgette!

    I’m Liz, also from the US. I’m hoping to do the full circuit around the same time as you. Let me know if you’re still looking for partners.



  5. Hey may start similar dates.

  6. I’m so sorry for the delays, everyone! For some reason I wasn’t receiving email notifications for replies. I’ve decided to go with a guide (All Trekkers) since this will be my first major trek. If you’re still interested in joining me, feel free to message me. I’ll be starting on March 22nd or 23rd. All are welcome! : )

    • Hello,
      Greetings. I am from Bangladesh. ABC is my dream trek and I am looking for a trek partner. I am easy going and cooperative. Please share your trip period and cost. I would prefer 14 days max.

  7. Greetings again.
    Preferred ABC route is as below:
    It will take 10/12 days. Need to be in schedule as I am a working woman.
    If you are interested, we can discuss further.

  8. Hi Bridge and everyone! I have just arrived to Pokhara today and planning to start a trek in the next few days. I am interested in Annapurna Circuit and also ABC so maybe we can talk about your plans and share the adventure. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,


  9. Hi Bridge,
    Im in Kathmandu right now searching for a partner for the Annapurna circuit.
    Are you here already? Still need a partner? It would nice if we could meet!