Annapurna region 2 -3 weeks . starting around april 26 – may 1


i looking for a trekking partner or partners for the annapurna region. i would like to start trekking in the annapurna region  in 5-6 days. may 1st at the lastest. i’m currently in bandipur and will be heading to pokhara in 2-3 days. i don’t have a real time limit and would like to dedicate  about 2 to 3 weeks to the region. i have never  done such major trek in my life, but i’m definitely up for the challenge. i have done some moderate treks in Alaska, Kyrgyzstan, china and india; but they weren’t more then a few days long.  i am not interested in hiring a guide and would like to dedicate a few days for some less traveled side trips in the region.

my name is reuven. i’m 30 years old from the US. my email

best regards.

Hi Reuven,

I am arriving in Kathmandu on 26th April and am intending to get a bus to Pokhara on 28th. Should be ready to start trekking on 29th. Was hoping to do something like the Annapurna circuit but am flexible. Like you I have trekked for a few days but never in the Himalayas.

Let me know if that suits you.

My name is Matt. 27 years old and from the UK. Email is

All the best


Dear Matt, dear Reuven,

I am doing the annapurna circuit trek in 18 to 20 days (it depends on how quick I am). I will arrive in Besisahar on Saturday 27 April and begin the hike.

I will have a female guide with me. If you are interested to come with us, please let me know.

I have done a lot of trekking but never one at a such altitude. That is why I wanted a guide.

I am 29 years old woman from France.



dear reuven, dear matt,
i am at kathmandu and will be heading to pokara tommorow.
have you fixed already?
i want to do annapurna base camp trekking.
i email you about my detail and if that suits you please let me know.


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  1. HI guys,
    i was hoping to do ABC at the end of april/start may. Not sure about the whole circuit, probably not. Haven’t been to Nepal before, would love to join a group. Let me know if you have a definite itinerary yet… Cheers.