Annapurna NATT Circuit Trek

Hi all πŸ™‚

I’m planning to do the Annapurna NATT circuit from around 27/12/2015 – 10-11/1/2016. Since I’m going solo some company would be nice πŸ™‚

Here is a link to the proposed itinerary:




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  1. This is around the same time I am planning my trip. (somewhere between 22-12 and 17-1). Important to me is that we do not walk too fast, but take our time to enjoy the scenery, people, nature and such. I also have the idea of hiring a porterguide

  2. hey michel,

    good to hear πŸ˜‰ were you planning on going from pokhara? if so we could split the cost of a guide. seems to be around $30 usd per day. i have contacted three sisters trekking company in pokhara who sent through some itineries etc… if you would like i can forward them on to you πŸ˜‰


  3. ps it looks like you have had much more hiking experience than me so i’m sure that the pace will not be an issue πŸ˜‰
    i want to get around the circuit but also want to take my time doing it πŸ˜‰

  4. HI Nate, not sure if you have booked anything, but I am thinking of heading from Pokhara around the 8/1, didn’t really plan on hiring anyone though. Let me know if you interested.

  5. Hi Jacob,

    That might be a bit late unfortunately; we are leaving Pokhara late December. Have a nice trip! πŸ™‚

  6. Hello,

    We will be in Lukla on Dec 26th to do the EBC with as many of the 3 passes as possible. We are trekking there for 24 days before flying back to Kathamandou. It is a high-school graduation trip for my daughter. We are doing it without guides or porters.

    Has you seen to be around there at the same time, here is my hotmail e-mail adress so we can connetc and possibly meet there?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Enjoy Nepal everyone.

    Ottawa, Canada

  7. Hey Nathan,
    I was planning on leaving around the same time from kathmandu and was wondering if I could tag along…I have a bit more time and plan on doing ABC as well if all goes smoothly. I am currently in Nepal now and my number is 9818791888.

  8. Hello guys,
    I’m also planning to do the Annapurna Circuit, I was planning to start between the 24th-27th of December. Do you have already set a date?
    If you are still going and like some more company I would be happy to meet up. I’m currently staying in Pokhara.

  9. Hey y’all!

    I arrive in KTM late in the evening 12/25. I’m also interested in the ABC trek and would love to have company!

    • You’re welcome to join us Amy!
      As it seems for now, a small group is starting to form.
      At first there was Nathan and Michel. And now both you and Jeroen are interested to come along! Nathan and I have agreed that it’s fine with us. And Ed could also join us once we’re on the trail.
      However, please read our plans. There are a few things you should know of.
      -we walk AC (Besisahar-Manang-ThorungLa-Jomsom-Ghorepani-NayaPul. That’s a different route than ABC. You could add that from Ghorepani if you have the time.
      -we will take our time to enjoy the scenery and Nepali people. There’s no rushing with us.
      -we have already hired a porterguide who will provide us with advise, safety and carry a small part of our luggage (12kg total). It’s about $500us for his services. This will make it about 165 for 3 or 125 for 4 people. +permits (about $40 each). Having done treks in the past, I feel a guide is useful when finding sidetrails, the best guesthouses and such.

      Our proposed itinerary (not final, you’re in for the details if you come with us):

  10. Hi Jeroen and Ed,
    You will both be welcome to join us. Nathan and I will leave Pokhara on sunday 27th and we walk with aid of porterguide. We need to be back in Pokhara by jan 14th. This is not enough time to also include ABC but maybe you have more. We could always walk the first part together. If you’re going along we could have some fun in the mountains. Looking forward to hear from you! Please send us a PM.

  11. Hi Jeroen, Ed and Amy,

    Thanks for your interest in joining our trekking group πŸ™‚ Michel and myself are very happy to have some extra people for company and to help share the costs of our guide πŸ™‚
    Just to let you know that our itinerary is not strictly AC, but a variation that follows the NATT trails; as Michel explained to me, because of the newly constructed road, you end up walking along it for a lot of the old circuit. The NATT trails have been made in consideration of this. Please see the proposed itinerary in my dropbox (Michels Annapurna):

    Just wanted to clarify this πŸ™‚ If you are happy to come along on the NATT trails we are more than happy to have you πŸ™‚ If you are joining, we will have to co-ordinate in Pokhara, or along the trail to meet up. While I still have internet, I will check trekking partners but you can also email me at –

    Well, three more days of work for me then one month of fun! I’m excited!

    Talk soon!


  12. The dropbox link above is incorrect, silly me, here is the correct one:

  13. Hey Nathan,
    Thanks for the link. Looks really good! I already talked a bit with Michel, we’re both from the Netherlands πŸ™‚
    I really like to join you on the trip and I’m eager to meet you!

    It might be more convenient to email with each other?

    As I have some more time to spend in Nepal I think I will do the Annapurna base camp trek after we do finish the Circuit, but will decide that later.

    @ Ed,
    if it all will go smooth on the way, we might join up to do the ABC also together?

    I already talked with some people here about what to expect, there might be a lot snow. So bring some warm clothes, preferably a down jacket and a -20c sleeping bag. It will be cold! πŸ™‚

  14. hello everybody guys!

    i am arriving tonight the 25th in Kathmandu and i would like to eventually join the pack…
    is your itinerary flexible?
    is the guide mandatory for individuals? because as i understood the trek is easy and there’s no need for it.
    i would love to do the ABC as well after he circuit.
    it would be great to have company, but i am indipendent and on a budget… how is the organisation going?!