Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek

Hi guys!

My first time visiting Nepal, and trekking!
Planning to trek Annapurna region in December – I am flexible with dates!
I would love to trek for 10-15 days and get a good experience of the views, villages, culture and everything that nature can provide 🙂

I’ve looked at numerous company’s but I feel as they are very over priced, so I thought I would sign up to this website to see if I can find any buddies to trek with – preferably experienced (well experienced or not, doesn’t matter).

Thanks 🙂



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  1. I’m seriously considering Anapurna circuit from about Dec 6 to about Dec 25 or so, and looking for partners. Not interested in paying for an organized group with guide and porters, from what I read it seems easily done independently. However, pushing into winter, having one or more others to hike with is a good safety factor, and would enjoy the company

    • Hi Andrew, sorry for the late response!
      Are you still considering doing the Annapurna Circuit in December?
      I have limited time frame between 13th till 29th December.

  2. Hey,
    Even I’m planning to be in Nepal for the Anapurna circuit. I may probably land in Nepal on the 18th and then trek for about 10-12 days and leave during or after new years!

  3. Rahul, are your dates flexible? I plan to finish it by 25th/26th. So plan to start by 11/12th and be back in KTM by 26th/26th for a 13-14 day trip.

    Let me know.

    • Hi Rahul!

      I am planning to start my trek now around 14th December, ending 28/29th!
      My boyfriend is now joining my on my trek so I am not looking for trekking partners anymore. Thanks for commenting though and good luck on your trip 🙂

  4. Hey Courtney, are you still planning this hike? Do you have any desire to incorporate the Dhaulagiri circuit? I think we could do both in 15 days certainly in the 23 days you posted, I think on initial post. I am a very experienced hiker. Two years ago I spent six months in Nepal. Anyway, let me know what’s up. Cheers, j.c.

    • Hi JC
      As comment above to Rahul I am not looking for trekking partners anymore as my boyfriend is now joining me on my trek! But thank you for your interest.
      I have a question for you seeing as you are experienced, do you think it is possible for me to do the Annapurna Circuit from roughly 14th Dec – 28th? Also, is the base camp trek harder?
      My boyfriend and I have never trekked before!
      Cheers, Courtney

  5. I was hoping you and maybe someone else would be fired up for Dhaulagiri, as it’s difficult to find anyone going there. Anyway, are you dates with travel or are you hiking from the 14 to 28th. That would determine a lot. I must say I hiked around 1000 miles in nepalbut I didn’t do any Annapurna because there were so many people. I know you can make the circuit shorter by hiring a jeep up to where the A.C. Meets the manaslu trek and then fly out of Jonson. That is assuming the fuel shortages and the strikes end. It would be easier to essentially hike out of pokhara (3-4 hour bus) to start ABC. I wouldn’t feel nervous about the AC or EBC trek being inexperienced. Have fun and if you need anymore ideas feel free. Cheers, j.c.

    • Planning on hiking 14-28th. We arrive in KTM 13th and flying out of KTM on the 29th.
      I think we might just stick to the Annapurna Circuit starting from Pokhara. The Dhaulargiri would be amazing but because we are inexperienced I think I would feel more comfortable just sticking to the one trek and taking our time.
      When I arrive in KTM are there frequent buses to Pokhara or is it best to pre book a bus?

  6. Definately lots of buses, or at least before the earthquake, between pokhara and Ktm. I went back and forth a bunch. It takes the whole day. If you can spare the money get a flight between the two towns. I want to say there is a bus from ktm to start of AC but I didn’t do that trek. Your hostel, guest house can arrange tickets the night before. They will tack on a couple of extra dollars. For your first long hike it makes way more sense to go slow and enjoy and properly acclimatize. Whatever you do don’t rush that. I don’t mind answering anything else. Some things I know and some I don’t. Cheers, j.c.

    • Hi Jcalaska, just wondering what your opinion is of the recent fuel crisis in nepal. Do you think it is still safe to do the AC? I plan to get a bus from kTM to Besisahar then fly/jeep back from Jomsom. Cheers