Annapurna Circuit/Langtang Trekking Fun Time Aussie Style! :)

I am planning on doing the entire 21 day Annapurna trek starting on the 5th of November and then doing the Langtang Trek from the 29th of November. I am from the land of Aussies and have been planning this for the last 3-4 months and hoping to find some nice trekkers to come with me on this crazy adventure. I do have a friend from Nepal who is also a guide but I am seeing if any one who comes with me wants to grab him as a guide or we can independent.
I am also going to be staying at the village of Hille for a day or so as I am bringing some presents to a friend of the guide I know as I promised to bring her a ball.
So feel free on replying to this thread so we can get together for a fun crazy time. Also only crazy, funny people with good humor, wit and have the ability for critical thought are preferred. cheers Jezza!

PS: Here is a picture of a couple of Emus to get your thinking! 😉



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  1. Hello! I am interested to find my partner for Annapurna circuit trekking. I just can not go on the road earlier than November 6. Tell me more about your plan and if u believe that we can synchronize. I have an account on Facebook and CouchSurfing too..

  2. Hello! My friend (35 yo female from Lithuania) is in Pokhara right now, doing some practices in monastery. She is planning to do trip for Annapurna Circuit, starting in the end of October or in the beginning of November.
    As she doesn’t have much time,she asked me to search for companion.
    Please let me know if you are interested.
    Thank you!


  3. Hi,

    I’m now in Pokhara and looking to start the Annapurna Circuit Trekking in one or two days. If you’re still looking for partners let me know as I would also like to find someone to trek with.

    My name is Luisa and I’m from Portugal currently in Nepal on a one year around SEA trip 🙂

    If you’re in Pokhara perhaps we could meet for a coffee.

    Let me know!