Annapurna Circuit/Everest Base Camp

I am currently having a great time traveling solo in India and Nepal is next. After not being able to make up a decision about which trek to do I finally believe that the Annapurna circuit is going to be right one for me. Indeed as I am not an experienced trekker it seems to be challenging enough but not too tough and I also like the fact that it seems to be rich in diversity. The Three passes one (Everest Base Camp) would also be a great option.

I dlike to take advantage of this trip to free my mind and disconnect from the rest of the society/world so I am looking for open-minded laid-back people who understand that. At that point I am not very informed about all of the details of the trek (itineraries, duration, material,…) so I wouldn’t mind sharing this trip with someone a little more experienced but if you’re in my situation that’s cool as well, we will see together then:)

If there is no guide required then I don’t think I am going to hire one, I will carry only the essential. I am flexible about preety much everything and very open to ideas/suggestions.

Looking forward to do it! With you?



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  1. Hi, I will be doing the APC on the 19th Jan 2015, first time as well. I have a guide who will be with me throughout the trek. Do let me know if you wanna join in. thanks

  2. Hi Fred. Andrew from Melbourne (Aus) here. Sounds very similar to the trip I am thinking of taking, with the same aspirations/goals and level of experience. I’m in touch with a great guide, who my friend travelled with, and currently ironing out details (path, dates etc). I think I’ll be taking off around January 14/15, so if you’re flexible with dates then we can sort something out.

    Would be good to get a traveling buddy as I am currently going solo. Let me know if you’re keen and we can discuss.

  3. Hi,
    I am looking for trekkig partners in mid feb (9th – 19th). Unfortunately my dates aren’t flexible because of my work, are yours flexible? Sounds like you’re after the same kind of thing from trekking in Nepal as I am.

    Let me know of you’re interested.

  4. Hi Fred,
    I’m in 🙂

    Check your messages.


  5. Hi Fred, im heading to Pokhara tomorrow (8th Jan), definitely looking to trek in the Annapurna region. Your plans and aspirations of trekking seem to match up with my own.

    Im in the same position as you in terms of experience and details of the trek, but it can be figured out.

    I feel like if its safe to go without a guide then thats what id like to do, i have TIMS card, just need to get Annapurna permit and a sleeping bag and good too go!

    Drop me a message if you’re interested man!


    • Hi Anthony I am getting to Nepal on 12th if you are still around Katmandu ? Thanks patrick

  6. Hi Fred. I am also in India at the moment but have a fligh booked to Katmandu on Sunday 11th with 1 night hotel booked. I would be happy to join you if you still want some company. I am 47 English and plan to stay in Nepal for about 14 days before going to Thailand. Regards patrick